Argus Unmade

After a frustrating time with way to much setup-rotation, cancelled raids etc etc, we did as we always do and got that last Cutting Edge of the expansion.

I can not even begin to explain how awesome it feels, not that we got a sick WR (we did beat our KJ rank by a few places which feelsgood :D) but that the boss went down with the most awesome people I know, some of them were there on the first pull on Nythendra Normal, both in the raid, on the bench or just in spirit.

We will build on this, we still got alot to improve on and this last boss came with many lessons that we will take with us to the next raid in the fall.

Boogiemen will continue through the spring and into the summer months as a place Scandinavians can call home, keep the raids going and prepare ourselves for the upcoming expansion with some Alpha play, PTR testing when that time comes and most importantly, alot of fun.

Boogiemen isn’t just a guild, it’s a team built around friends and fantastic people and I look forward to the times that comes.

We’ll see you out there!




After a summer who claimed many guild’s lives, we have now clawed us to another Cutting Edge after taking down KJ on the last pull of the last raid day.

I can not even start to explain how good it feels, just watching our guild barely surviving and finishing ToS looked like a hopeless task after all the attendance issues, people quitting, the internet and power gods fucking shit up.. It’s just unbelievable to me, that so many people can put aside their all their life-stuff and show up, week after week after so many nights where we seemed to be moving backwards.

To all old, current, new and future raiders – Thank you, for all your work and dedication.

It really, really, shows that we are a team, and not many guilds can say that.


Way to slow but 1-2-3 we go

Way to slow but 1-2-3 we go

Sooo, what’s up?
Boogiemen is looking for swedish, norwegian or danish DPS for further progression into mythic.
One tank and a few dps stepped down from raiding at 2nd day of mythic, a setback indeed but with help from socials and trials we managed to atleast scrape some raids together to get down 3\9 and have Sisters at 20% in the first 15 pulls.

What’s the deal then?

We’re mainly looking a few DPS and will prioritize the DPS classes we only have 0 or 1 of:
Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest
Arms Warrior
WW Monk
Feral Druid

So if your one of the classes above, understand and speak norwegian or swedish and are looking for a fresh start, feel free to contact me!

If your not but want to apply anyway that’s also fine!
We can be flexible if it feels right 🙂

Discord: Gruff#1154 Gruff#21568




After cancelled raids and shit we went from 17-18 signups to 25+ people and yeah.. we’re finally on our way to complete this tier and actually go into June and soon ToS with a broad roster and thaaaaat.. thatfeelsgodman