Juuuuust right


Vacation is over and that helps!

Finally things seems to fall into place and today at our 5th progression raid (minus a heroic clear first) Ursoc went down in the last attempt of the day.

People showed determination and patience, and every single raider and trial in the team deserves a huge clap on the back for their performance and support. Good. Freaking. Job.

20. oktober 2016

written by Gruffii

The struggle was real


After days with few signups, help from socials and way to much wiping it finally happened in almost the cleanest way possible.

Last night Eretheal Renfealrleardmmrgggl went down and we still live on to fight another day!

14. oktober 2016

written by Gruffii

One out of seven


Didn’t get to progress on the first dragon of the raid until our last raidday but atleast Nythendra went down with help from a few socials and newcomers.

A fresh wednesday awaits! Good work people.

3. oktober 2016

written by Gruffii

Ready for Mythic

RIP Xavius

Wooho, this newly formed raidgroup managed to bring down Xavius on Heroic last night!

One by one they fell and we are ready to face Mythic in the following week.

26. september 2016

written by Gruffii