Way to slow but 1-2-3 we go

Sooo, what’s up?
Boogiemen is looking for swedish, norwegian or danish DPS for further progression into mythic.
One tank and a few dps stepped down from raiding at 2nd day of mythic, a setback indeed but with help from socials and trials we managed to atleast scrape some raids together to get down 3\9 and have Sisters at 20% in the first 15 pulls.

What’s the deal then?

We’re mainly looking a few DPS and will prioritize the DPS classes we only have 0 or 1 of:
Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest
Arms Warrior
WW Monk
Feral Druid

So if your one of the classes above, understand and speak norwegian or swedish and are looking for a fresh start, feel free to contact me!

If your not but want to apply anyway that’s also fine!
We can be flexible if it feels right 🙂

Discord: Gruff#1154 Battle.net: Gruff#21568


18. juli 2017

written by Gruffii

the tide will turn..

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. – «Steve Jobs»

29. mai 2017

written by Gruffii


After cancelled raids and shit we went from 17-18 signups to 25+ people and yeah.. we’re finally on our way to complete this tier and actually go into June and soon ToS with a broad roster and thaaaaat.. thatfeelsgodman

12. mai 2017

written by Gruffii

Look up..

Only raid for the week – Finally made Starbro a deadbro..

13. april 2017

written by Gruffii

Found the Tichbite

«Syv av ti folkens dette e nice, let’s go» – Jacob «XareiGOD» Lastname

3. april 2017

written by Gruffii