It’s… it’s done…


After more then enough wipes on Gene Simmons slightly fatter cousin, somehow we got to phase 3 and the boss tipped over like a cow getting shot by a bazooka while driving a tank under water.

Everyone that participated showed great perseverance and managed to keep their head up despite wiping to weird and basic stuff.

On the brighter side: it is done – he’s dead – and now atleast we can end 2016 with high spirits and we can focus on ToV and beyond 🙂

PS: A social helping out on Xavius actually got his first mythic kill in EN. Thaaaaat.. that’s pretty sweet.

2. desember 2016

written by Gruffii

Just.. just one more


Managed to get some pulls at Cenarius at the end of todays farmraid and boom goes the dynamite – he dead.

A few pulls on overtime at Xavius to get a small feel of the fight and then nuke him down as soon as we got a setup even though we are approaching christmas break.

“Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.” ~ Virgil

1. desember 2016

written by Gruffii

Before the break


For a very long time since EN launched we haven’t had a full week of proper progression until this week. Heart down and Cenarius at 7% in about 60 wipes is a really good finish for the year, since we probably won’t get to progress as much due to some players having final exams of their semester.

In the future we hope to be finished with progression before these kinds of things if timing allow it and the core team are beginning to take place.

We are still recruiting a few slots for Nighthold so if your norwegian or swedish, want to raid on the highest difficulty but still have time to have a normal life, don’t hesitate to contact us!

This week can be summed up in the words of Vince Lombardi – “Winning isn’t everything–but wanting to win is.”

Happy holidays!

28. november 2016

written by Gruffii

People! There’s people on the plane!


After almost a month after our Dragons kill, with few signups, DPS as healers, socials and friends helping out on farm bosses we got 99% of the raider lineup ready and it was back to progression.

Frustration and a huge patience test pay off after a while, and we can only hope that we are moving in the right direction when it comes to a stable core for what really matters, the Nighthold.

InsertOrganName of Il’gynoth went down tonight and if we keep this up BrambleAids and Gene «Xavius» Simmons won’t be far behind.

Hazaaa \o/

25. november 2016

written by Gruffii

Juuuuust right


Vacation is over and that helps!

Finally things seems to fall into place and today at our 5th progression raid (minus a heroic clear first) Ursoc went down in the last attempt of the day.

People showed determination and patience, and every single raider and trial in the team deserves a huge clap on the back for their performance and support. Good. Freaking. Job.

20. oktober 2016

written by Gruffii