9 down, who’s next?

20. januar 2018

written by Gruffii


After a summer who claimed many guild’s lives, we have now clawed us to another Cutting Edge after taking down KJ on the last pull of the last raid day.

I can not even start to explain how good it feels, just watching our guild barely surviving and finishing ToS looked like a hopeless task after all the attendance issues, people quitting, the internet and power gods fucking shit up.. It’s just unbelievable to me, that so many people can put aside their all their life-stuff and show up, week after week after so many nights where we seemed to be moving backwards.

To all old, current, new and future raiders – Thank you, for all your work and dedication.

It really, really, shows that we are a team, and not many guilds can say that.


13. november 2017

written by Gruffii


DJ Barkybark cracking a cold one with the boys

16. september 2017

written by Gruffii

cigar no, but close we were

11. september 2017

written by Gruffii


Progressing Mistress atm, having the time of our lives.

Holy Paladins and Elemental Shamans #holla

24. august 2017

written by Gruffii