It died – doesn’t matter how though

🙂 ! <3 \o/

24. mars 2017

written by Gruffii

Check my blade

Funny remark followed by raid setup comment, gj!

13. mars 2017

written by Gruffii


Had the DPS, died on the 5th pull of the day – we can move off this fu***** bridge and try to catchup the best we can 🙂

27. februar 2017

written by Gruffii

Fashionably Late

Had to start recruiting before raid today since we lost two raid-team founding members, but we managed to get a progression raid after all, with help from one social (Hi Kris!) and o-boy finally we’re there we wanted to be 1 week ago but who gives a crap, we did it!

We took it our own pace and at the end of the raid we showed that we can when we want to. Let’s keep this momentum going!


8. februar 2017

written by Gruffii

New content, shamener

A mix of lacking attendance, preparation and focus screwed up alot of EN progression but not so long after Xavius we managed to get some decent progress on Odyn.
And after we really got our shit together we got both Odyn and Guarm the week before Nighthold.

Missed some healers to really kickstart Mythic progression today but used what we have to atleast get down Skorpyron,
and even though we’re probably gonna fall a little behind we’re confident we can keep the pullcounter down aslong as we keep our heads up, stop wasting time on silly discussions and most importantly: have fun.

30. januar 2017

written by Gruffii